Annual Members Meeting Recap

By Joseph Greenleaf

The sounds of gunfire and howling winds; the smell of gun powder and barbeque; adrenaline-pumping hand-to-hand combat training; costumes and competition – all accompanied the annual Nebraska Firearms Owner’s Association meeting in Grand Island on August 22, 2015.

It was my first annual member meeting, and also the first time I had visited the Heartland Public Shooting Park in Grand Island. If you weren’t there, you missed a great time! Vendors provided us with sub-machine guns to try out, precision rifles to shoot, cowboy action shooting, and various other gun-related and self-defense activities throughout the day.

Our President, Rod Moeller, brought us up-to-date on legislative issues that impact gun ownership in Nebraska. We heard from various speakers like Steve Hornady, President of Hornady Ammunition which happens to be just up the road in Grand Island; Thomas Howard and Ardi from Precision Response; Shawn Whittington Jr. along with Kelsey and Dave from 88 Tactical (who told us they’re building a $5MM shooting facility between Papillion and Gretna!!); Dick Clark, a Lincoln lawyer and candidate for the State Legislature who spoke about firearms trusts, NFA weapons, ATF transfer taxes, and the differences between the various classes of NFA weapons, (like AOW ‘Any Other Weapon’, machine guns, and so forth); Nebraska Senator Bill Kintner, and Jeff Rawlinson from Nebraska Game & Parks (minus his fish hat). Our speakers were followed with the long-awaited drawing for the H&K VP9, along with various other goodies donated by our sponsors.

Contributors included:
• Toby Asplin/Trek Tech Black. (
• Rise Armament (
• Spec Ops Gear (
• Armageddon Gear (
• Midwest Leather Works (
• LASR (
• DE Guns (
• Naber’s Locked and Loaded (
• Thunder Alley Indoor Shooting Range (
• Andy Stebbing (
• Handyman Joe’s (

After the morning meeting, a great BBQ lunch, and the raffle drawing, the range events hosted David Thomas & David Petta from Silencer HQ, DC Precision LLC, Terry Fitzgerald and Mustang Greg from the Single Action Shooting Society, Alex Gac from the U.S. Practical Shooting Association, and Sean Naylor of Eastern Nebraska Practical Shooters

The shooting park itself was quite spectacular. Trap, skeet, rifle, pistol, sporting clays… Just about everything. There are even concrete pads for campers, trailers, and RVs, with electricity and water for less than $30.00 a night.

My phone tagged the photographs I took as being taken at the Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant. Sure enough, the old buildings were part of that facility, which made artillery shells and ammunition for Navy guns during World War II. Most of those buildings are long gone, but it’s interesting history for a shooting range.

I got to let loose with a couple of clips with a Thompson submachine gun which brought back memories from my Coast Guard days… long ago and far away. My lovely bride, Karlene, went through the cowboy (cowgirl?) shooting course at steel silhouettes, shooting a .45 Colt S&W Scofield revolver, a .45 Colt lever-action Winchester and a double-barreled 12-guage shotgun. She’d never fired any of them before, but hit them all! I must be more careful with my so-called “humorous” remarks from now on…

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Welcome to the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association

NFOA membership is open to all types of firearms owners as long as you are a resident of the state of Nebraska. Whether you are a trap shooter, long-range rifle shooter, concealed handgun permit holder, air gun, rifle and or shotgun hunter, NFA firearms enthusiast or belong to any other group of firearms owners, you are welcome to join our organization.

We are local firearms owners who have a personal interest in representing firearms owners rights in Nebraska. While there are much larger firearms owner groups and lobbyists, we have a personal stake right here in fighting for our rights. We do not have big money to fly in lobbyists from the coasts, we do not have the money to wine and dine Legislators, and we are just everyday normal Nebraska residents like you who want our voices to be heard by the various law makers. We will operate on what money is donated to us voluntarily.

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Minutes of the August 2015 Board of Directors meeting

NFOA Board Meeting
Held 8 AM Monday August 3rd through 11:59PM Monday August 10th

1. Approve July Board Meeting Minutes
– Minutes approved as posted

2. Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Book Balance- 7/1/15- $18,951.78

Total Expenditures- $818.96
-$38.96 Benchmark Email
-$300.00 Check #1080 N.C.S.C Legislative Event Sponsor
-$80.00 Check #1081 N.C.S.C. Yearly Membership Dues
-$400.00 Check #1085 Lancaster Event Center Booth

Total Deposits-$71.60
-Piryx Member Donations- $71.60

Ending Book Balance- 7/31/15- $18,204.42

3. Membership Report
The numbers for July 2015 are:

General membership 7777 +64
Associate membership 55 +1
Youth membership 26 no change
Total membership 7858 +65 on Aug 3rd 2015

4. Committees
A. Legislative Committee
Developing connections for new lobbyists to represent member interests to the NE legislature.

B. Membership Engagement and Fundraising
Establishing locations and dates to promote the fundraiser for the Member meeting. Board members and other volunteers are securing locations to meet current and potential members to sell raffle tickets.

A targeted marketing and communications list may be available. The Board will discuss its use and value to our communication and membership engagement and recruiting efforts.

C. Communications
Facebook and Twitter efforts continue to engage membership with increased engagements, shares and likes. The featured Business of the Week campaign continues to go strong.

D. Website
Nothing Significant to Report (NSTR)

5. Members Meeting
Schedule, catering, and attendees are finalized for member meeting.

6. Lancaster County Fair
Lessons learned, pros and cons of attending in the future were discussed. Excellent opportunity to apply experience to next event.

7.Old Business
Motion made, seconded, and approved to expend $58 for Four Seasons Award for the 2015 Firearm Rights Champion Award

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H&K VP9 raffle winner !

H&K VP9 raffle winner
We recently held a raffle for a 9mm H&K VP9 handgun.  The drawing was held during the NFOA Annual Members Meeting August 22nd in Grand Island.  Congrats to Paul Dunn who was present at the drawing.  And thanks to everyone who purchased tickets.  Proceeds help advance the mission of the NFOA.

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