NFOA-PAF post election report

I think we did real well yesterday, 11 of our 15 endorsed candidates won (compare to the NSEA who spent a quarter million and got about 4 of 23), 7 seats are upgrades for us and the only real downgrade is that we no longer have Senator Christiansen (and there is nothing saying Dan Hughes won’t fill in nicely, just that there are big shoes to fill).

In Congressional District 2, whose caucus has so much of an effect on the Legislature’s leadership, we really picked up all but one seat. Yes, there are a couple of seats that are squishy but because of where those people stand on other issues I think they will support good changes to committees and leadership. Is that a large enough change in Congressional District 2 for the changes to happen?

I think there will be some hope for a good session the next two years, and with things to build on for the PAF we will hopefully continue to gain momentum.

Other races that will affect us;

Governor – as far as firearms are concerned Pete Rickets will very much like Governor Heinemann. Economic development and taxes are going to be his concerns. Second Amendment issues will not be in the fore front, but when we have the votes to pass things he will sign the bills.

Attorney General- I really believe that Doug Peterson will follow along with the direction Jon Bruning had things going; don’t see any reason to believe there would be a change for us here.

Also the work we did and what we were able to accomplish this year has gotten us some attention. We already have a few folks wanting to help us grow the PAF and discussing the use of their resources to do that.

Winning Candidates we endorsed:

Bill Kintner (LD2)
Tommy L. Garrett (LD3)
Joni Craighead (LD6)
Jim Smith (LD14)
Lydia Brasch (LD16)
Brett Lindstrom (LD18)
John S. McCollister (LD20)
Roy Baker (LD30)
Laura Ebke (LD32)
Tyson Rope Larson (LD40)
John P. Stinner Sr. (LD48)

submitted by Andy Allen – NFOA-PAF

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Welcome to the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association

NFOA membership is open to all types of firearms owners as long as you are a resident of the state of Nebraska. Whether you are a trap shooter, long-range rifle shooter, concealed handgun permit holder, air gun, rifle and or shotgun hunter, NFA firearms enthusiast or belong to any other group of firearms owners, you are welcome to join our organization.

We are local firearms owners who have a personal interest in representing firearms owners rights in Nebraska. While there are much larger firearms owner groups and lobbyists, we have a personal stake right here in fighting for our rights. We do not have big money to fly in lobbyists from the coasts, we do not have the money to wine and dine Legislators, and we are just everyday normal Nebraska residents like you who want our voices to be heard by the various law makers. We will operate on what money is donated to us voluntarily.

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Minutes of the October 2014 NFOA Directors meeting

The October board meeting  ran from 8 AM Monday October 6th through 10 PM Friday October 10th.

1.) Approve September Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes approved as posted.

2.) Treasurers Report
Beginning Book balance 9/1/14 – $16,077.33

Total Expenditures – $1,336.43
– One debit $38.96 for Benchmark Email
– One check for $1,297.47 – Trade Show booth display

Total Deposits – $418.64

Ending Book balance 9/30/14 – $15,159.54

3.) Membership Report
The numbers for this month are:

General membership           7548   increase of 35
Associate membership            49   no change
Youth membership                  26   no change
Total  membership              7623  +35 on Oct 6th 2014

A copy of the .xls file is stored in the BOD Archive board

4.) Committee Reports
4a.) Legislative
Rod provided a review of the Legislative Summit and planning for next session’s event was discussed.

4b.) Events and Fundraising
Nothing significant to report.

4c.) Communications
The need for a structured communication’s plan was discussed.

4d.) Membership and Recruiting
Coordination and planning with The Well Armed Woman organization for the Lincoln Women’s Expo was discussed.

4e.) Web Admin
Dan provided a report on recent updates to the forum, as well as the need for moderation. Rod also provided the suggestion of integrating Youtube into the forums and NFOA home page.

5.) Any Old Business
Pricing, quantities, and viability of the NFOA custom lower receiver project was discussed, as well as possible candidates for the Firearms Rights Champion Award.

6.) NFOA Logo
The need for a policy and plan for using the two different NFOA logos was discussed, as well as accommodations for providing material for user generated content.

7.) Board elections
Planning for election procedures was discussed. General approval was given to having voting open for one week, and having each voter cast a vote for four people.

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With the upcoming elections, does my vote even matter?

It is common for people to question how much of a difference their vote makes. Sometimes it can be difficult to believe one vote, one voice, really matters. Each of us has one voice, but collectively each voice adds to the next. Many like minded people that are determined to voice their opinion will make a difference. Your voice, if you chose to use it, makes a big difference over time.

Don’t like your choices for the bigger races? You can make a difference now in future national level elections by carefully evaluating who to vote for at the most local levels. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time for those votes to matter in the higher profile elections, but it does happen eventually.

Think about those running for US Senate and US Congress. Those running around Washington didn’t start out in national politics. So who are they and where did they come from? Most have held some sort of state level elected position. Many have come from the state legislature. If you look a their political resume, they have been in politics for awhile, haven’t they?

Where do the state senators come from? How many have held positions elected positions with a city, county, or NRD? It seems that most of them have. Of course there are those that buck the trend, but most have been involved in politics at a local level before moving on to state wide positions, which sets them on a path to run for national level politics.

Think about the power you hold in putting only solid individuals that share your views on freedom, liberty, and individual rights into local elected offices. When each of us pays closer attention to the smaller races we get good people elected into those positions. That lays the seed for better representation at the next level of government. So in a way, aren’t the local races many people ignore more important than the larger races? Don’t like your choices in the big races? Fix it by putting good people in office at the local level.

Rod Moeller -President NFOA


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